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Pan-A-Cea Steel Drum and Calypso Band
Wendy Harrison, Russ Henry, Mark Simms, Derek Brewster

Russ Henry, Dorell (Fish) Salmon, Wendy,
Cecil Frances, David King
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Philip Chen, "Chili" Charles, Wendy Harrison
and Robert Greenidge
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Vince Charles, Wendy and "JR" Crawford

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Gerald Logie, Wendy Harrison,
"Chili" Charles and
Robert Greenidge @ Trinidad Carnival 1996

Wendy Performing at
Basketball Star "SHAQ" Party

Wendy Harrison and JR Crawford

Pan-A-Cea Steel Drum and Calypso Band
Wendy, Vince Charles, Adrian DeAguilar, JR Crawford

Robert Greenidge and Wendy Harrison

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Wendy w/Vince Charles

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"Steel Plus"
Gerald Logie, Leroy Degaso, Wendy,
"Tommy" Ferman and "Waggs"

Gerald Logie, JR Crawford & Wendy

Robert Greenidge & Wendy
Trinidad Carnival 2004

Vince Charles, JR Crawford, Gerald Logie
Wendy & Clarence Wears

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Wendy Harrison








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